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Harley cylinder Boring bar? Cylinder lap? Merry go round? Unit stands about 4 feet high.
This top arm pivots in the center. Notice the three positions on the left.
Casting # TI 93041 H-D, Same style as on the frame table. This is center of bottom "dish" Remnants at top looks like some sort of clamp stud to hold cylinder up.
Notice connecting rod at rear of unit. Power input is by shaft at bottom on left.
Underside view. On left is crank that drives the con rod. Big end of con rod is off of its journal. Center is power input shaft. Right is probably a gear box to spin and maybe lift the table.
Close-up of con rod big end and journal.
Cylinder in place. It is just being held in via frictional contact. Underside of top dish has a square hole same size as base flange.
Top view down into cylinder.
Any idea what make this is? The mag is a Bosch ZFN4. Is this a FN motor?
Numbers on case of 4 cylinder motor.
Side of case looks like it had a blowout once.
Frame table. Studs are out for cleaning.
1925 frame mounted in table.
Seat post tube bracket.
Casting number on leg.
Seat post tube brace.
Mystery casting.
Casting number on mystery casting.
Bending bar and headstock alignment bar.
Mystery casting #2 and what I think is another bending bar. I think that these parts do not go together but were just slipped together ages ago maybe to hang on wall. It has since rusted together. It's going to be a bear to get them apart. 20 ton arbor press and heat had no effect.
You can see how parts of the table have been ground away for clearance on 25 up frame and wider 22 up forks. Notice also that right rear corner of domed part of casting on left has been cleared for mystery casting #1.
Mystery casting #1 mounted to table.
Some sort of clamp on mystery casting.
Later fork mounted to casting. This fork leg is slightly bent. If it were straight, it would align perfectly with vertical bolts.
Another view.
I think that this is hoe mystery casting # 1 & 2 would fit together.
Another view
No idea at all what this area does.

Any ideas would be appreciated.