1912 Deasy / Siddley Deasy Project

I believe that this is a 1912 Deasy / Siddley Deasy. I recently purchased this along with several other veteran and vintage autos from a transportation museum in New Zealand. I also have a large quantity of assorted auto parts, some of which may for the Deasy. I have found a few small parts that were marked Deasy or JDS. However, I have only explored about 5% of the parts.

This is an ambitious project, but I feel that it is a solid start. That is if I'm able to locate some key parts as well as documentation and photos. Any help that can be offered would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks / Mark


Click on the small image for a larger version

The steel of the coach work is solid but the wood is rotten or gone. There is enough wood to use as a pattern. That is except for the floor. There only a few bits of that remaining under the cowl and hood. There are a few castings missing (one hub cap, drivers side door knob, etc.) but in most of those cases, I have the opposite side as a reverse pattern.
Engine is just loose. There doesn't appear to be any damage to the cases or cylinders. Engine is missing the exhaust manifold, carb, and part of the hand crank assembly. The spare radiator seems to be a match to this engine due to the large water pipes. The radiator in the car seems to have used a water pump. It seems much too small for convection flow. As you can see, the car is also missing the steering mechanism between the end of the column and the pitman arm.
There are some shadows on the dash where instruments once were mounted, but I have no idea what they looked like to I can hunt for them in my pile of parts.
Transmission is gone. The tranny I have seems to be for a smaller car. It could be made to fit I feel.
Notice the supports for the rear windscreen.
Solid but bent.
The instrument "ghosts" are visible on the dash here.
There are a number if things on the auto marked "JDs"
Drivers side doors. The front door seems to be a false one with no hinges or handle. That makes sense since the brake, shift lever and spare tire would make it nearly impossible to get in or out from that side.
This is the badge on the drivers side of the engine.
This is under the floor in the rear passenger compartment on the drivers side. I have no idea what its function is.
Pitman arm held up to the frame where some mating part once was bolted.
This id the badge on the spare radiator with the large inlet/outlet.
Rear wind screen.
Spare cowl.
Spare fuel tank. Not at all like the one mounted in the car. Has a fuel gage integral with the cap.
Spare guards. Again, similar but not identical to the ones on the car.
Spare hood.
Spare radiator with the large inlet / outlet.
Spare rear axle and wheels. The brakes on this axle seem slightly heavier and more modern than the ones on the car.
One of the tires mounted to the car. It reads 875 x 105 mm
Transmission. Definitely not correct for this chassis.